Investment basics

An introduction to investing in the stock market which examines risk and reward and the factors that need to be considered when constructing an investment portfolio.

We discuss a number of investment products and strategies.

Getting started

We discuss a simple, low-cost strategy ideal for those new to investing who only have modest amounts to invest on a regular basis.  For those who with larger sums to invest, we look at how you choose a broker and how you can maximise the tax-efficiency of your investments using ISAs and SIPPs.

Building a portfolio

We discuss how your investment goals and approach to risk should shape your portfolio, and how this in turn should influence the asset allocation of your portfolio.

We consider the different types of stocks that you may select for your portfolio, and suggest ways of monitoring your portfolio so that it continues to match your investment goals.

Portfolios / Investment ideas

Links to a number of portfolios presented in the financial media, together with miscellaneous investment ideas.

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